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Welcome to Valeria Photography WordPress Theme Documentation,
This is a detailed guide step-by-step to help you in a easy installation,
you can find all needed information to install, configure and cutomize the your new theme.
Expand a tab to see the instructions.

Valeria Installation

To install Valeria Theme go to "Appareance - Themes - Add New - Upload Theme", and upload the .ZIP file.

WordPress Documentation Theme zip Location

You can find the .ZIP File that contains all needed files to Installation of the Theme in the folder that you have downloaded from ThemeForest.

WordPress Documentation Add New Theme

Enable the Theme. Now The theme has been installed! Now you just will need to configure it properly to get everything working.

Creating Pages

After installing and enabled "Valeria" you have to create the pages that you need. Go to "Pages - Add New".

  • Homepage Creation. Rename in "Homepage" this first page and save using the template "Home".
  • Blog Creation. Rename in "Blog" this second page and save using the template "Blog".
  • Portfolio Creation. Rename in "Portfolio" this third page and save using the template "Portfolio".
  • Archives Page Creation. Rename in "Archives" this fourth page and save using the template "Archives".

Now that we have created all the needed pages we set Front Page e Blog Page:

- Go to "Settings - Reading"

WordPress Documentation Reading Settings

- Now select "A static page (select below)"
- In Front page select "Home Page"
- In Post page "Blog"

Menu Settings

Now we are ready to build the Primary Menu. From the main WordPress Panel go to "Appearance - Menus". Create a new Menu and rename it: "Primary Menu" (without quote marks).

WordPress Documentation Select and Save Menu

Add to menu your favorite pages: Home, Portfolio, Blog, Contacts, About… Now select "Top Primary Menu" and save.

WordPress Documentation Primary Menu

Now we are ready to build the Category Menu Menu. Go to "Appearance - Menus". Create new menu and rename it "Category Menu".
Add to menu your favorite categories, so select "Category Menu" and save.

WordPress Documentation Category Menu

Activation Contacts and About in Overlay

To activate this special pages, in "Appearance - Menus" click on "Screen Options" in the upper right and select "CSS Classes" option.

WordPress Documentation Menu Screen Options

Then, always in "Appearance - Menus" in the "Menu Structure" tab, get Custom Links, in the "CSS Classes (optional)" field write this:
"trigger-overlay-about" (without the quotation marks)

WordPress Documentation CSS Classes Menu

Then, always in "Appearance - Menus" in the "Menu Structure" tab, get Custom Links, in the "CSS Classes (optional)" field write this:
"trigger-overlay-contacts" (without the quotation marks)

WordPress Documentation CSS Classes Menu

Plugin Installation

Valeria requires the installation of five plugins to working. To do that you have to go in "Appareance - Install Plugins".

  • BioTools
  • Contact Form 7
  • Multiple Post Thumbnails
  • RoyalSlider
  • Image Zoom (Optional)
  • Visual Composer (Optional)

WordPress Documentation Install Plugin


This plugin active the Portfolio and other options.

Contact Form 7

To create your Contact Form go to "Contact - Add New" from the Main WordPress Menu and follow this instructions:
Enter a title for you new Contact Form and then put the following code in your contact form field, like the screen below.

WordPress Documentation Contacts Form

Enter the following codes in the right sections:

WordPress Documentation Create New Form

Save and copy the your Contact Form 7 ID (highlighted in red upward in the previous screen)
Now go to "Appearance - Widgets" and enable "Contacts Area" widget, this widget is your Contact Form. Use the Text Widget to add the this code:

contact-form-7 id="Your ID" title="Contacts Area"

In "Your ID" paste the ID previously generated.

WordPress Documentation Contact Form

Visual Composer

Valeria is compatible with Visual Composer.

With Visual Composer you can create pages from scratch or put your items in your page using the plugin inside the page using the editor.
With the panel we can Choose whether to use the grid portfolio or create your own homepage with Visual Composer.

Multiple Post Thumbnails

This plugin active the multiple post thumbnails in post article and portfolio article.

Image Zoom

Activate this plugin to add the zoom at the gallery in single portfolio pages.
For create the gallery use the following shortcode:

gallery size="full" ids="287,265,260"

in the Default Editor of Portfolio Posts, and set the carousel version through "BioLab Customize Theme"

WordPress Documentation BioLab Portfolio Single Page


*IMPORTANT* Go to "Royal Slider - Settings"

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings Path

and check "On every page (overrides all other options)"

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

Settings Blog Slider

Go to "RoyalSlider - Add New".

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

Create a new "WordPress Gallery" slider. Rename it "Blog Slider". It is much important to follow of the settings to display correctly:

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

Questo slider viene utilizzato per aggiungere una galleria personalizzata sul blog. Segui le istruzioni per l’uso corretto di RoyalSlider nei post.

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Settings


Example Widget

WordPress Documentation Widgets

Creations of Landing Page

To create the Landing Page with your pictures follow these steps:

  • Install and activate the plugins if you have not already done so.
  • Go to "Settings - Reading". Select "A static page". In Front page select "Homepage" in Posts page select "Blogs" and save.
  • Now, go to "BioLab - Customize Theme > Homepage" and choose the settings for the grid, the style and how many images per page.
  • Now, go to the "Portfolio > Add New" and if you have chosen the "Packery" style insert the image of the project in the "Featured Image".
  • If you have chosen the "Masonry" style enter the image of the project in "Home Masonry Thumbnail".
  • Enter a title to the project and save.

The projects will appear in the Landing Page only when they will have an featured image loaded correctly.

Creation of blog post

In Valeria, the blog is the "Blog Page". Valeria has seven types of posts format: Standard, Audio, Image, Video, Gallery, Link and Quote. Each on with its own style and feature.

The Post will be written by the default editor of WordPress, using the section: "Articles - Add New".

You can insert a thumbnail image, a summary, the various categories, skills and hashtags. “Excerpt” tab is used for add a summary and shortcode as featured images, videos and gallery.

Excerpt appear only in blog page, not in Single Post Page, it is only a preview.

For the best visualization of the posts with an special format, you will need to follow some simple steps.

Standard Post

In the Standard Editor you can write your post content, text, images, gallery ecc. NOTE: It is much important put the content to display under the tag "Read More".

WordPress Documentation Blog Post Tag More

To have a Post Preview in the your Blog, put the following shortcode in the Excerpt Editor:

<p style="text-align: center;">Your Text</p>

WordPress Documentation Blog Post Shortcode

Gallery Post

To enable the Skin of your gallery the Shortcode of the Gallery it must be put on the first line, add:

royalslider="your slider ID"

WordPress Documentation Gallery Blog Post Shortcode

To find the ID of your Slide go to "Royal Slider" from the main WordPress Menu.

WordPress Documentation RoyalSlider Gallery Post Shortcode

Post Quote

The text it must be put between the:

< blockquote > Your Content < /blockquote >

The first line is the quote, the second line is the author. Open the tag and write the quote. New line, write the author and close the tag.

WordPress Documentation Quote Post Shortcode

Creation of Portfolio Posts

Valeria has three many different styles to the display the Single Pages of the Portfolio. Selectable from the "BioLab - Customize Theme".

WordPress Documentation BioLab Portfolio Single Page

The articles will be written by the editor of WordPress from the section: "Portfolio - Add New". You can insert a thumbnail image, a summary, the various categories, clients, skills and tags.

WordPress Documentation Add New Post

Since version 4.7 of WordPress, you can choose the template version for each post in "Page Attributes - Template".

For the best visualization of the posts with an special format, you will need to follow some simple steps.

Portfolio Single Carousel Version

Use gallery shortcode, choose your favourite images. Recommended size="full".

WordPress Documentation Portfolio Add New Post

Excerpt Summary is used to fill the overlay "Details" page.

WordPress Documentation Portfolio Gallery Post Shortcode

Custom Fields

WordPress Documentation Portfolio Custom Fields

Portfolio Single - One/Two Column Version

Insert your favourite images.

WordPress Documentation Images Link Example

Excerpt Editor is used to fill the overlay "Details" page.

WordPress Documentation Excerpt Shortcode

WPML Compatibility

Here is what you need to know on turning Agenzy multilingual with WPML.

First, you need to to purchase a recent version of WPML, including the String Translation and Translation Management modules.


Install and activate the core WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management), and then other WPML plugins that may depend on them.

Set up WPML from WPML - Languages. See WPML Getting Started Guide for complete reference, but the initial simple three-step setup is self-explanatory, asking you to choose your default language, a set of active languages, and a language selector.

Translating Pages, Posts and other post types

To translate a page you need to go to Wp admin - Pages and in the list you will see columns for each active language, with a pencil icon (for "edit translation") or a "+" icon (for "add translation") next to each page. Go ahead and edit or add the translated page for "Home Default".

Translating custom post types and taxonomies

Agenzy comes with extra custom post types such as portfolios and testimonials, and custom taxonomies. In order to get a similar interface for translation/duplication as for posts and pages, you need to go to WPML - Translation Management, and select the tab "Multilingual Content Setup".

Translating Menus and Language Switcher in Header

WPML can synchronize menus for you. This means that if some entries, for example some pages, posts or categories, are in the English menu, WPML can generate and keep in synch menus for other languages pointing to the translated versions of these pages, posts or categories.

From WordPress Appearance - Menus you can see your existing menus and add menu translations and synchronize menus across translations.

Translating theme texts and other strings in your site

To translate strings you need to follow the procedure for Theme and Plugin Localization. Go to WPML - Theme and Plugin Localization, and click on "Scan the theme for strings" and you will see theme strings and which ones are translated or not.

Useful links

How to set and translate main features of the theme/plugin.

Using translation management

Translation Management & Features

Translating URL slugs

An example of how the client can translate strings coming from the theme/plugin

How to scan strings coming from the theme/plugin

How to translate strings using String Translation

If adjustment is needed for WPML language switcher please also add this

Customization and Shortcode

Valeria currently supports shortcode: customizable buttons, including appstore and playstore buttons.

WordPress Documentation BioLab Path


The buttons can be inserted in the text editor when creating the article with the following syntax: color button name="Text" url="Link"
Are currently ten available colors: White, Red, Black, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Azure, Turquoise, Green and Orange.

WordPress Documentation Buttons

Custom CSS

In this area you can change the colors and style of the other sections of Valeria.
Go to "BioLab Customize Theme - Styling" and add your favorite CSS.

Font Style

Valeria supports many Google Fonts, you can choose your favorite through this area.
Go to "BioLab Customize Theme - Styling" and choose your favorite font.

WordPress Documentation Google Fonts

One Click Demo Import and BioLab - Customize Theme Backup

By installing the plugin "One Click Demo Import" through "Install Plugins" you can import the presentation demos.
The posts, contents, media, menu, pages, widgets and contacts forms will be automatically set.

Moreover, thanks to the new "BioLab - Customize Theme" backup system will be able to backup, the import and export of the panel settings.
Go to "BioLab - Customize Theme" - "Backup" click on the button "Open Backup".

This will open a window of the "Customizer" and you can do the export or import of your options with a .dat file.

How to Update Valeria

For update Valeria unzip the download file, and inside, you’ll find a "".

Unzip "". Open your favourite FTP program and navigate to the following directory: "/wp-content/themes/valeria" delete all of the files and folders in this directory, and replace them with all the files and folders from the "".

*IMPORTANT* All of your content and settings are stored in the WordPress database, so updating manually this way will not delete any of your previous works.